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Kelly Baldwin Krail, Esq

Kelly Baldwin Krail, Esq

Kelly Baldwin Krail, Esq

Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Ms. Baldwin Krail is Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Hospital EXPERTS™ and a Partner at Thomas & Krail LLC, a general practice law firm in NJ. For over a decade, Ms. Baldwin Krail has worked in a variety of legal specialties, including personal injury, municipal court matters, and criminal defense cases. Prior to joining Hospital EXPERTS™, Ms. Baldwin Krail was an associate at Kent/McBride and Litchfield Cavo.

Ms. Baldwin Krail handles multiple facets of legal and administrative work at Hospital EXPERTS™, navigating the nuances of the legal environment in which our client attorneys operate. Ms. Baldwin Krail’s background and expertise is a vital asset to assist our clients.

In addition to her work at Hospital EXPERTS™, Ms. Baldwin Krail is a volunteer member of the New Jersey Child Placement Review Board.

Education, Certifications, Affiliations:

  • BA in Spanish, Seton Hall University
  • JD, New England School of Law
  • Licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • Member of NJ State Bar Association
  • Member of the Matrimonial Committee and Board of Governors of The New Jersey Association for Justice
  • Member of Matrimonial Committee of the The American Association for Justice
  • Active member of The Monmouth County Bar Association
  • Board Member of The Greater Monmouth Chamber of Commerce
Q&A with

What inspired you to pursue a career in the legal field? 

I wanted to be an attorney since I was a little girl. There was no ballerina phase for me, since I was six years old I had a vision of pursuing that dream which sounds crazy to think you’d know what you want to do, or even what an attorney does at that age. I always applied myself with that goal in mind, doing well in school and then attending law school in Boston. 

What areas of legal practice are you involved with? 

My first job as an attorney involved insurance defense work and personal injury work. That gave me some practical skills from writing to arguing in court. I then made the transition to opening my firm with Dr. Bojko, Thomas & Krail, which brought with it completely different areas of law. At first, I had a lot of matrimonial and divorce work and the practice branched out from there. I do mostly family law, some real estate law, and municipal court work that keep me in and out of the courtroom with traffic violations or petty disorderly offenses. 

How did you become involved with Hospital EXPERTS and what do your responsibilities consist of? 

Dr. Bojko and I opened our firm after I initially interviewed to work with Hospital EXPERTS. Around that time, Dr. Bojko had just purchased the firm from Arthur Shorr and we decided it would be best that all the contracts that come from an attorney. So my work with Hospital EXPERTS started slowly and has developed significantly. I look at all the contract work whether it be contracts with the attorney, with the experts we have, and any other legal aspects of the business. Additionally, I maintain communication with legal firms and their staff. 

What has surprised you most about the field of hospital corporate negligence? 

I didn’t realize the extent of regulations required by the Joint Commission or other community standards. As a patient I’d never considered how a simple procedure requires a clinician to do steps a, b, c, and so on. Learning that aspect of the business – what policies and procedures are in place, should be in place, or are perhaps not implemented – is eye opening. 

How does Hospital EXPERTS differ from other firms? 

Being a small, tight knit company we’re able to provide superior customer service. Having Dr. Bojko accessible, enabling an attorney to speak with him almost immediately is a huge advantage, allowing clients to get expert insight right away from the outset. That sets us apart. There are huge corporations that provide experts for all types of services but the level of personal customer service doesn’t compare. And of course, having a niche in hospital corporate negligence sets us apart. 

What are your interests outside of work? Are you active with any volunteer organizations etc.? 

I’m a member of the Child Placement Review Board in New Jersey. We’re a volunteer board that reviews cases in which the Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP) has removed a child from the home due to abuse, substance abuse, or neglect. We review the case and provide advice as to whether or not a child should remain in their current placement or be reunified with their parents and give our recommendations to the court. 

Other than that, I’m very busy running my two young daughters around town to their various activities.